Wales, United Kingdom

Book Launch Week!

December 15, 2017



Well, it has been quite an exciting week! I launched my very first book titled “Dead Haunted” on December 7th, 2017, so I am officially a published author!



Let me tell you a little bit about this and why it has been so important to me to get my stories out there. I didn’t really enjoy school if I am honest, but I DID love English, it was my favorite subject. When we were asked to write a short story, mine would be about ten pages long. I also liked to read, and as soon as I could, I devoured every Enid Blyton book that existed, before moving onto books I would have long conversations with my best friend Katherine about, swapping and borrowing Judy Blume, Sweet Valley High, and Nancy Drew.


My problem was I hated talking. Ok, maybe not with my friends but in front of an audience. I was only graded C for my GCSE English because I refused to take part in the oral section of the exam where I had to present a topic to the class. I don’t think had I graded higher it would have made that much difference to my writing career to be truthful, except that it may have given me the confidence to pursue it much earlier.


 Instead, I went down the expected route of childcare, then circumstance made me a pub landlady, for which I am grateful for if only for giving me a rich tapestry of life experiences to fuel my imagination today. The pub was incredibly haunted! The customers were to be feared more than the ghosts, however, and I guess one could say that I can write about love, hate, fear, death, destruction, abuse and inspiration with more conviction than my 17-year-old self.


My genre may have been different years ago too. Had I written a book two decades ago, it might have been about guinea-pigs. My daughter volunteered for an animal rescue, and we had over twenty at any one time that I fostered. I lived and breathed piggies. Twelve years ago, my book may have been about divorce, cheating men and domestic abuse. (I still may write that book!) I wrote many short stories about the bad times in my life, kind of like therapy but all were rejected by publications. Maybe looking back, they were all just too dark?


But this week has felt like coming home. Ghosts and the Paranormal have always been my passion, and after spending the last few years researching full time for various behind the scene projects, podcasting with Dead Creepy and writing my articles, I finally felt ready for my fiction to be published. With the help and advice from my dear friend Kathy Denver, (who I have to say is a pretty impressive Supernatural fiction author herself!) I was able to get my work edited, formatted and published. Kathy designed my fantastic book cover for me and talked me through the process of releasing digitally. Without her, honestly, I would still be procrastinating.


I have dipped my toe into the water by releasing just five short stories, all of which are inspired by and based on real-life events found through my research in the Wales Archived newspapers, with my fictional spin on what happened. The stories are all based just before or after the turn of the 1900’s.


You can buy my book on Amazon here


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So, I do hope you enjoy my stories! If you do please can I ask you to leave me a review on Amazon or Good Reads? Dead Haunted Two is already being written, and after this, I plan to release the collection as a paperback in 2018.


 Happy Christmas 2017!