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The Unique Reason behind Bullying and Personal Attacks within the Paranormal Community REVEALED

November 24, 2016


The issue of bullying and harassment amid the paranormal community is nothing new and has been addressed before, in fact many times in various online posts, blogs and vlogs.

However, I would like to examine the reasons why communities with shared interests can be reduced to such below the belt tactics, slander, jealousy and back stabbing, in order to gain an insight and understanding into how best to deal with this.


With the growth of social media, we have seen a spike in online bitching, with public posts being displayed “naming and shaming” teams, fake screenshots of supposed affairs or slanderous gossip, private emails sent to family members and work colleagues containing such vitriolic spite that it has caused individuals real relationship, mental and physical health and financial problems.


I have recently witnessed such shameful behaviour bordering on criminal, including emotional blackmail. Anonymous accounts have been set up in social media with the sole purpose to destroy others, either on a personal level or a business level. We all know it goes on. I have myself been targeted by one individual and I will say this – it is deeply disturbing to know that someone out there directs such venom towards you.


 I am no angel, much as I strive to remain the positive upbeat person I am much of the time, I admit the draw to the dark side is nevertheless there for me too. When someone launches a personal attack, it is human nature to fight back of course. I wish I could be more like my sister and go and hug a tree and wish love and happiness on my haters but there you have it…I don’t. But I am learning some ways to deal with it without going that far and I am here to share my thoughts with you.


So WHY does our field attract such a horrible urge to do harm to each other? Truth is it is not just us. Instead of simply gaining pleasure from meeting like-minded people and sharing a common interest – inevitably once you have been in any community for any length of time you will come across this behaviour. Whatever your field of interest there will be negativity, it is unavoidable. You only should step into any rural village fete to see the evil eye the Women’s Guild members give each other over who wins the Jam and Preserve competition. I am not joking it is vicious and it is a dog eat dog mentality where sabotage and tittle tattle rule.


We in the paranormal however do have a particularly unique ingredient that can turn our worlds into a battle field. Let’s look at human nature, and then examine the extra elements that our paranormal world will throw into the mix.


It is obvious that some people enjoy the drama of conflict. They get off on it. They like the adrenaline, the cortisol, the rage, and the energy that it brings.

Then there are the secondary gains, which are the advantages that people get from a behavior, even an unwanted behavior. For example, the upside to feeling persecuted might be a self-imposed excuse to overeat or abuse alcohol.


Trying to deal with every day issues and keep ourselves happy in his world can be problematic. If we have something or someone to be mad at, it can help you to disengage with looking at yourself. Drama can channel energy away from what we need to be focusing on.


Sadly, some people grow up in dysfunctional homes or within families where addiction or trauma existed. This will create confusion, unclear boundaries, and teach people that engaging in dysfunctional conflict is the way to behave and live life. We are drawn to what we know. It is not unusual for people to find themselves in these emotionally loaded scenarios again and again because they are drawn back into this old stuff.


Others may be suffering from personal pain in the form of an illness or a private matter. Grief, pain, depression are powerful emotions and the people suffering have a real need to distract from it in any way they can.


Anger also releases chemicals and endorphins that feed the feel-good parts of our brains. Science says anger addiction is a real deal. Yes, surprisingly, rage can feel quite exhilarating.


If we on the other hand become the object of someone’s anger or mockery, it could feed a need to be seen or to feel like a vital part of people’s lives. Remember the parenting advice, be careful not to ignore your kid because a child will seek bad attention versus no attention?


Then there is the rubber necking syndrome. You know what I am talking about. How humans slow down if there is a car accident because we just can’t miss out on what is happening. We want to know. News reporters are constantly feeding this need with sensationalist appalling stories that they hope we can’t tear ourselves away from.


This leads me onto the curious subject of psychological attachments.....


A psychological attachment is a persistent, largely subconscious tendency to seek out the negative or do things that cause you to be unhappy.


When those of us who unwittingly and consistently behave in ways that cause us to be unhappy or unhealthy, it can be said that you are psychologically attached to something negative.

All the afore mentioned is accurate and simply a natural part of our DNA, and some of us will be more prone to bad behavior than others depending on their nature.


Now we have established the human elements involved in negative behavior towards each other, let’s look at the field of interest we are all in, The Paranormal, and examine the possibility that we are in fact exposing ourselves to MORE THAN NORMAL amounts of this type of conduct.

Sceptic or believer, we will have all heard of our aura.


A group of Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Mio Watanabe, conducted a series of experiments by which they managed to visually capture the aura of a person, thus proving its existence.  With the assistance of highly sensitive cameras the scientists could photograph a person’s special glow. Notably, the glow appears brightest in the morning and seems to “fade” in the evening.


Most people see it as a light the hands or head and others ‘feel’ it as a projected mood or energy. A good way to describe it is as an atmosphere that projects from the human body- just as the planet earth has an atmosphere. The aura is a field of energy – it’s our vital force. We are all walking ready brek adverts like it or not. Many people from different cultures and backgrounds in general do believe this aura that surrounds us to be a protective field against negative energy otherwise called psychic attack.


There are generally three types of attack that can affect our emotional and phycological wellbeing.

The first is common negativity, the negative comment type is indeed the most prevalent and are relatively easy to combat. But the comments should not be taken lightly. Many a healthy and highly developed spirit has succumbed to the cumulative effects of repeated exposure to common negativity.


The second type is directed negative energy the second most common type of psychic attack, the malicious and intentionally hurtful variety is different from the random negative comments; these attacks are directed specifically at you. They are designed to cause damage to your spirit; they are designed to instill anger, sadness and misery. These types of psychic attacks can come from any number of sources but most often they are the result of failed relationships or jealous acquaintances and is the most common type of attack that we are seeing amongst us in the paranormal field.


The energy of evil however, the third most common form of psychic attack is the hex or curse. These forms of attack consist of widespread energy which has been manipulated to cause harm, energy which has been gathered and collected to form what can be considered a negative energy wave. This type of attack is ongoing or perpetual, unlike other forms of psychic assault, which rely on a co-operative relationship with other energy forms to exist, these attacks are self-sustaining and powered by a different source than most of the common fear-based negative attacks. Destruction of the spirit is the goal of the curse or continual negative energy wave.

Those who wish to harm us are sometimes able to combine the emotional energies of any manner of destructive intentions to manifest the soul consuming energy of evil. If the manifested energy is not able to cause damage at first strike it will continue to attack until it finds a weakness in your spirit to exploit.


The fact is that we have all got this to deal with in the physical world, simply in our everyday lives we are going to meet people that do dislike us, in the office or social lives – we are continuously open to all kinds of negativity and we do our very best to shield ourselves from it. If a shop keeper is rude to you, do you continue to give him your business? If you see the office gossip at the water fountain, do you wait until she’s gone before having a drink yourself? Of course, we avoid it. Our instinct tells us it is not good for us.


However, because we are in the paranormal we choose to take ourselves into situations where we try to make direct contact with dead soul’s, spirits and energies not of this world. Here is where we can’t always have our guard up. We don’t know who or what we are going to meet in this way and we take ourselves into sanatoriums and prisons, dungeons and cells, places where murder, rape, paedophiles and the insane once resided and carried out their crimes and what do we do? We talk to them. We invite them to communicate with us. What could go wrong?


Many investigators have reported feeling a disembodied entity interference, or rather spirits of those who once had human form who attach to your aura and drain your energy. They have been known to implant their negative emotions upon you in the process.


We could also encounter A by-product of a physical disease: Mental, nervous, physical disorders can simulate attacks and can leave you vulnerable to such attacks. Many so called psychic attacks are routed in physical problems along with hysteria, the symptoms are then intensified.

Another possibility is the Partial recovery of memories of past incarnations and/or the disposition of sensitive people: In many locations, there is often an unpleasant atmosphere generated by some powerful, painful sometimes violent emotion that has been experienced there at some point. Sensitive, high vibrational people pick up on this atmosphere or a past life may recognise an energy signature that’s familiar to them and the person then finds themselves under attack purely by the intense nature of the situation.


Finally let’s not forget the Non-human interference by lower astral entities, thought-forms and elementals: These entities are soulless and have never taken human form so they do not possess the normal human emotions and motives that we do. They are rarely deliberately evil they are just non-ethical and profoundly disturbing to the human consciousness if the two paths cross.

How do we know that we have been the victim of one of these psychic attacks? We will all have heard of or experienced what we call a “paranormal hangover” after an investigation and often it takes a day or two to fully recover from feelings of exhaustion and headaches. There are many other symptoms experienced during a psychic attack, some of which are:


Excessive tiredness, nightmares, Bad/negative/depressive moods, shakiness, paranoia and jealousy, fearfulness, high emotional state, sense of oppression, things being moved around in your home, a ‘tickle’ in your aura and strange smells that come and go (a common one is decomposing flesh or urine). Being drawn to arguments online or being tempted to say hurtful things is another symptom as is negative thoughts and lying awake at night thinking of how to revenge someone is unhealthy and a sign you have an attachment.


Do not mistake the effects of a normal stressful human lifestyle for those of a psychic attack and don’t lose perspective and let your imagination run wild. Obviously If you suffer from any of these symptoms,